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The new Rule Note NR 580 - Floating establishments - is a self-standing Rules applicable to floating establishments, i.e., stationary berthed non-propelled floating units equipped for missions such as activities intended for public, accommodation facilities, etc.


NR 580 Rules are organised around 4 parts:

- Part A dealing with classification and surveys applies to all units
- Part B dealing with hull design and construction, applies to units with hull in welded steel
- Part C includes requirements related to machinery, systems, electricity and fire safety
- Part D includes additional requirements applicable to specific unit types and additional class notations.


The provisions for fire prevention and safety are determined by different parameters such as the unit mission and category, the location of compartments accessible to public with respect to the evacuation deck, subdivision partitions, etc.


Depending on the availability of the rescue access routes and the time required by the firemen to arrive on site, alternative requirements according to recognized standards for land-based buildings may be applied, subject to compliance with the criteria defined in the Rules.


This new Rule Note can be ordered using dedicated order forms which can be found on the marine website: www.veristar.com > General Info > Publications. The order has to be emailed to edipostbv@edipost.fr and copied to veristarinfo@bureauveritas.com.




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