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BV’s latest information and communication technology initiatives include the launch of a new certificate of classification, a new website to exchange information with customers, and an enhanced ship class and statutory status. The new certificate addresses the presentation of vital ship information such as identification, classification marks, symbols and notations, including any additional class notation. Thanks to this new system there will be no more hand-written recommendations on the certificate, as all information will be communicated electronically. The new single-sheet certificate, with embossed logo to deter forgery, includes endorsements of periodical surveys on the reverse side. It is printed on recycled paper, thus further reducing our carbon footprint.


Ship status for owmers
The ship status programme has been completely remodelled and now includes ship information previously only available in annexes to the certificate. It includes a graphic representation of surveys due over the next 12 months. The main sectors of the new ship status are: vessel particulars, owner / manager data, class & statutory status, planned inspection items, 1-year survey planner, regulatory information and BV contacts.

The new ship status is available on-line through VeriSTAR Info www.veristar.com. Regular updates include the results of surveys carried out. You can access VeriSTAR Info at any time to obtain updated class and statutory status. Owners may subscribe to receive an updated ship status periodically, free of charge, by mail. To subscribe, please go to: VeriSTAR Info / access to ships / become a member.


Survey statement
Replacing the former handwritten endorsements, BV has implemented the Survey Statement, a summary of surveys carried out, certificates issued, and planned inspection items issued or dealt with. The survey statement will be left on board after each intervention by the attending surveyor. For additional information, please contact your BV connecting office or DNI (Inland Navigation Management).




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