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Ships In service Operations Manager

Donatien Van der Steene

Mobile: +32 (0) 471 10 99 69

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Delegated Ships In service Operations Manager

Davy  Vandecasteele

Mobile: +32 (0) 478 22 48 89

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Services offered

Classification of seagoing ships, yachts, pontoons, small crafts

Asbestos surveys

Bureau Veritas are experts in the identification, evaluation and control of asbestos and other hazardous building materials. Our broad services support large and small clients, helping to minimise liability, meet regulation requirements, protect employees and stakeholders from the risk of asbestos and other hazardous building material exposure. Note that on ships built after 1 July 2002, asbestos is prohibited except for some vanes, joints and insulation.  After 1st January 2011 any installation of material containing asbestos is prohibited. 

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CAP – Condition Assessment Programme

CAP Hull is a voluntary, thorough independent verification of the actual condition of the hull requested by owners mostly for chartering purposes.
Main benefits of CAP are :
- vessel is judged on actual condition rather than on age
- used as a base for decisions of repair/investment for lifetime extension of the ship
- ensuring safest possible way of transporting cargo

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Inclining test

According to BV-rules (NR467)

PMS – Planned Maintenance Systems

The additional class notation “STAR-MACH SIS” is assigned on ships with a PMS for machinery – this system includes a risk analysis of the ship’s machinery and other equipment (navigation instrumentation, anchoring and mooring arrangements,….) – computer software used for the management of this PMS shall be type approved (see also NR496)

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SR – Ship recycling

TOC – Transfer of Class

We have a team which is specialized in transferring class

Risk Analysis


Davy  Vandecasteele
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Levent Karabalut
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Andre de Ridder
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Aleksandar Cecur
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Karolien Van Rossom
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Zohair Bennani
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Hendrik Vanneste
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