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MIC : Gerald Sel

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For inland navigation vessels, and vessels operated in restricted maritime areas, BUREAU VERITAS already acts regularly on behalf of 12 countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands,Germany, France, Poland, Romania, and Brazil, for main regulations such as:
• European Directive for inland vessels, 2006/87/E
• “European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways” (ADN Agreement and European Directive 2008/68/EC)
• RVBR, Rhine vessels inspection regulations
• French decree for Port 2000
• Belgian Royal Decree for estuary navigation
• Danube commission, DFND and recommendations

• UNECE Resolution 61.

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Quality assessment that focuses on a vessel’s construction and technical maintenance throughout its lifespan

Tonnage measurement

You can achieve certification under the 1966 (Geneva) Convention on the Measurement of Inland Navigation.


International Safety Management code & International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. Although the codes are not yet mandatory for inland navigation, most of their requirements are fully suitable for those ships.  We offer assessments and audits, on a voluntary basis, in connection with the issuance of Certificates of Compliance with these codes.


Gerald Sel
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